…with cat food stuck to my backside.

You know that moment in a film when someone is knocked flat on their back and they look up? Then all the heads come down over them to see if they’re ok? That’s what I saw.

I knelt down to get something out of the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet. When standing up again I fell backwards – flat on my back. Everyone helped me up and suggested I go home. I agreed.

As the day went on I became weaker and weaker.

The next morning when I woke, I couldn’t move. Stuck on my back again. Thankfully Mum was there to pull me up, but when she let go I would just fall backwards again. My muscles were just too weak to hold me up. I needed assistance to walk, to stand and even to sit. This wasn’t isolated to my legs. I tried to pull a chair out from the dining table to sit on. Have you ever found something so heavy that you shake when trying to move it? This was me with the chair, just a regular dining chair that wouldn’t budge an inch.

As soon as I was able to shuffle around unaided again I went to feed Chloe, my cat. When I leaned forward to shake the munchies box at her bowl on the floor, my muscles lacked the ability to hold me up and gravity prevailed so I fell and ended up sitting in the cat’s food – one bum cheek in each bowl. I shouted “Mum!” The first thing she did was laugh and take a photo of me. Then she got the boy next door to come over and pick me up. Thanks Mum!

The boy next door, Mum, and me all shuffled into the kitchen…

…with cat food stuck to my backside.

You can see this.


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